Lift Off

Thursday, May 3 | 5-9pm
PNCA | 511 NW Broadway, PDX

Launching the next generation of designers and illustrators, Lift Off is a time capsule of talent graduating from PNCA in May 2018. Join us as VIPs at our portfolio preview.

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Alex Lovelle

Ali Ongaro

Anke Gladnick

Chantal Benitez

Daniel Gestri

Daniela Arias Sevilla

Danny Verde

Emilee Higgins

Emily Schwartz

Izzy Berlin

John Elhardt

Kelly Woodruff

Lenzy Mora

Megan Kuttler

Mert Kocabagli

Mitch Coleman

Remy Charnett

Sawyer Johnson

Sean Briggs

Skylar Kardon

Unah Denight

Victor Gomez